Aimé Michel

Le premier mystère est: pourquoi y a-t-il quelque chose plutôt que rien?
Et le deuxième, aussi grand que le premier: pourquoi suis-je là en train de penser?

The Train from Tokyo

Atlas – Air France n°70 – April 1972
“What do you think of D. James Orang?” asked my visitor.
One always has to be careful when one is asked such questions. I closed my eyes, hastily thumbed the card-index of my two frontal lobes, and found no trace of this James. Same result in my parietal lobes. Lire l’article

How to do away with school

Atlas – Air France n°69 – March 1972
I agree, Sir, one must democratize education. And I can only heartily approve your argument. In the first place, because I always side with my opponents. It is a matter of principle with me. Lire l’article

Letter to an outdated man

Atlas – Air France n°68 – February 1972
Allow me, Sir, to tell you my opinion: you are perfectly right.
I must admit that our 200’000 year old ancestor whom a prehistorian recently found petrified in the depths of a cave in the South of France was, compared to you, an unfortunate, helpless man. Lire l’article

The good old times

Atlas – Air France n°77 – November 1972
I adore children. Their logic, which is not yet warped by the vicissitudes of life, is faultless. They are capable of pushing it to its extreme limits. And that’s why I love the little dears, for I have always had a passion for good reasoning.
The other day, two of them arrived in the environs of my barrel and sat down on a garbage can to eat their bag of peanuts.
— They’re sure crazy, aren’t they, said one, throwing a handful of empty shells under the wheels of the passing cars. Lire l’article

A short treatise on meditation

Atlas – Air France n°76 – October 1972
People often ask me how I go about meditating (for it is obvious, isn’t it, that to spread so many interesting, piquant and profound stories around me, I must be in possession of a marvelous meditation technique, which in fact is the case). People who ask me for my recipe no doubt assume that I can divulge it without incurring the risk of competition. They are right. For philosophy is to meditation what a roast is to cooking: one can become a cook but one must be born a caterer in roast meats. The recipe is nothing; all is in the manner. Why then should I refuse my recipe? Here it is. Lire l’article