Aimé Michel

Le premier mystère est: pourquoi y a-t-il quelque chose plutôt que rien?
Et le deuxième, aussi grand que le premier: pourquoi suis-je là en train de penser?

My Lyre and I

Atlas – Air France n°81 – March 1973
Believe it or not, I was playing the lyre.
I can’t stand the instrument. The only one I can tolerate is the fog horn. Lire l’article

The Apes and I

Atlas – Air France n°80 – February 1973
Madame, you ask politely why I don’t go away and live with the apes. I must choose, you insist, between being a man and accepting civilization, or returning to the trees like an animal. Lire l’article

I Go to a Sermon…

Atlas – Air France n°79 – January 1973
We don’t associate enough with our fellow men. Take me, for example; in my barrel, having only myself for company, I shall surely end up with a false image of people. I shall believe them all to be good, sensible, generous, distinguished — in a word, to be just like me. And since the company of such people is infinitely boring, I shall sink into melancholy, and from there into malice, foolishness, pettiness, and vulgarity, which are the inevitable result of a troubled soul. Lire l’article

I demystify

Atlas – Air France n°82 – April 1973
I have just finished reading a marvelous book which I ought to have known about long ago, for it dates from 1930: it is Adolphe Lods’ famous history, Israël, des origines au milieu du VIIIe siècle.
This book is wonderfully scholarly. I counted nearly two thousand footnotes, some of which cite fifty or more references. The masterpiece is five hundred ninety-five pages long, printed in small type. Lire l’article

L’équarrissage des papas

Atlas Air France n°85 de juillet 1973
Allez, allez ceux qui disent qu’on n’apprend plus rien à la Sorbonne sont des médisants.
L’autre jour, entrant par la porte de la rue des Écoles, j’ai vu par exemple ceci, écrit à la craie sur le mur de droite: «Papa, il faut que tu crèves.» Lire l’article