Aimé Michel

Le premier mystère est: pourquoi y a-t-il quelque chose plutôt que rien?
Et le deuxième, aussi grand que le premier: pourquoi suis-je là en train de penser?

Where Dr Menzel has gone wrong

Flying Saucer Review – Vol. 10, n°2, April 1964
At the very outset of my reply, I hope that Dr Menzel will allow me to state that there is agreement between us on one point at least. I regard as fully justified the suspicion in which the amateur is held. When a specialist on the Sun ventures to explain the UFO phenomenon in terms of mirages (when mirages are outside the range of his competence), then he exposes himself to the scorn of those who are in fact experts in both these fields of research. Lire l’article

Of men, cats and Magonia

Flying Saucer Review – Vol. 16, n°5, September-October 1970
Sir; I read Luis Schönherr’s article Observations of a Sceptical Believer (FSR Vol. XVI, No. 3, p. l6) to my cat. He liked it very much.
“Excellently reasoned”, said the cat, “and the proof of this is that I myself reason in the same manner. I too have reflected and I too have found three possible reasons. I have reflected on the incomprehensible behaviour of mankind, and I have found three reasons to explain it.” Lire l’article

The Problem of Non-Contact

Flying Saucer Review – Special Issue “The Humanoids”, October-November 1966
In this article, I shall take the word contact not in the restricted sense used by Gordon Creighton — a brief and limited intellectual exchange between a few individuals — but rather in the basic sense of an exchange as complete as possible between communities, at all levels and in all imaginable fields. The contact to which I refer is, for example, that which exists between two peoples whose countries are members of the United Nations Organisation. Lire l’article

An enigmatic figure of the XVIIth century

Flying Saucer Review – Vol. 18, n°2, March-April 1972
Every ufologist who intends not to forego his curiosity exposes himself to two opposite dangers: namely, of taking a UFO for something else, and of taking something else for a UFO.
These dangers are especially menacing when we are dealing with ancient events for which we have no other resort but History. There are certain of these facts however that are so extraordinary that it is difficult to avoid being fascinated by them. I will relate one of them here, briefly and with little documentation, leaving it to competent historians to answer the problems to which it gives rise, if that be possible and if indeed those problems exist. Lire l’article

A note on William of Occam

Flying Saucer Review – Vol. 14, n°2, March-April 1968
When re-reading the literature on the Valensole case, I came across a comment by our friend René Fouéré[1] on a phrase of mine in my first Valensole report, where I said that M. Masse’s account of the disappearance of the machine on the spot… “suggested a manipulation of Space-Time far beyond our most advanced knowledge in matters of Physics at the present time”, and that such sightings… “would perhaps explain the fact that the Minitrack optical networks have never photographed the approach of a UFO in circumterrestrial space. Lire l’article