Aimé Michel

Le premier mystère est: pourquoi y a-t-il quelque chose plutôt que rien?
Et le deuxième, aussi grand que le premier: pourquoi suis-je là en train de penser?

Letter to an outdated man

Atlas – Air France n°68 – February 1972
Allow me, Sir, to tell you my opinion: you are perfectly right.
I must admit that our 200’000 year old ancestor whom a prehistorian recently found petrified in the depths of a cave in the South of France was, compared to you, an unfortunate, helpless man. Lire l’article

How I pardoned Louvois

Atlas – Air France n°90 – December 1973
I have a confession to make: Louvois irritates me. He’s always right.
— Sire, he said to me the other day as I was parading in front of my troops, is not our army the envy of all Europe?
— Europe may envy our army, I replied, but you are too boastful. For I regret to inform you that this peerless army has falling socks. Lire l’article

Comment j’ai gracié Louvois

Atlas Air France n°90 de décembre 1973
Je vais vous faire un aveu: ce Louvois, il m’agace. Il a toujours raison. Il a toujours réponse à tout.
— Sire, me dit-il l’autre jour alors que je caracolais sur le front de mes troupes, n’est-ce pas là une armée que toute l’Europe nous envie? Lire l’article

Poor Archiloques

Atlas – Air France n°87 – September 1973
“Open your mouth. Stick out your tongue”. The doctor put down his stethoscope and asked me what exactly was troubling me.
— I’m tired, I told him.
— Tired?
— Tired. Work is absolutely unbearable to me. I will go to any lengths to avoid it. Why just the other day, on heaven-knows-what pretext, I was asked to be a pall-bearer in a funeral which was taking place just outside my barrel. The mere idea exhausted me. So I hoisted my barrel onto my back and fled. Lire l’article

I. Q. in the Kimono

Atlas – Air France n°83 – May 1973
Among all the things which I respect (and God knows there are many), there is none, I think, that I value more highly than psychology. After all, is there anything in the world more wondrous than the spirit? And thus, is not psychology the prince or sciences?
Especially when it provides us with a little amusement. Lire l’article