Aimé Michel

Le premier mystère est: pourquoi y a-t-il quelque chose plutôt que rien?
Et le deuxième, aussi grand que le premier: pourquoi suis-je là en train de penser?

Project Dick

Flying Saucer Review – Vol. 18, n°1, February 1972
Every time that, for my own instruction, I re-read one of my articles in Flying Saucer Review and I find it strewn with ridicule, sarcasms, and bad jokes, a blush of shame rises to my brow as I think of the promiscuous outrage thus inflicted on so many serious investigators, investigators who respect their readers, and I swear that I will display more decency next time. Lire l’article

The strange case of Dr “X” – part 2

Flying Saucer Review – Vol. 17, n°6, November 1971
During the night of November 1-2, 1968, an individual — whom I have called Dr “X” — claims that he witnessed a very complicated spectacle involving the movements of two objects which fused into one and then vanished on the spot. The duration of the alleged spectacle is several minutes. For ten years prior to the sighting, Dr “X” has been suffering from a hemiparesis of both limbs on the right side, resulting from a war-wound received in Algeria on May 13, 1958, and he also has a fresh wound on the left leg, not healed, dating from three days previously (October 29, 1968). After the sighting these two wounds are healed. Lire l’article

The strange case of Dr “X”

Flying Saucer Review – Special Issue N°3, September 1969
The case which is related in part in these following pages is one of the most complicated and the best observed of all the cases of which French investigators have had knowledge over the course of the past 21 years. My analysis will however deal only with its presumed physical aspect — which is probably the least important. Indeed certain other aspects, more difficult to tackle, are still developing, and must be related later — at any rate if the investigators now working on them secure significant results. Lire l’article

Do flying saucers originate from Mars?

Flying Saucer Review Vol.6, N°2, March-April 1960
The opposition of Mars in November, 1958, stands out in the history of astronomy as one of the most important discoveries of the human mind. Indeed, it was during this opposition that for the first time an official scientist was able to record during an experiment the existence of life on another planet. Lire l’article

Three genuine photographs

Flying Saucer Review – Vol. 7, n°1, January-February 1961
These photographs were taken in rapid succession: according to the man who took them, in the order of 1-2-3. The analysis of the original, however, does not allow us to know for certain that this was the authentic sequence or if it was the other way about, 3-2-1. Lire l’article