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Le premier mystère est: pourquoi y a-t-il quelque chose plutôt que rien?
Et le deuxième, aussi grand que le premier: pourquoi suis-je là en train de penser?

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Valensole – Further details

Flying Saucer Review – Vol. 11, Vol. 12, n°3, May 1966
Your contributor Luis Schönherr is quite right; many questions about the Valensole case remain unanswered. I did not make a report, having studied this landing merely from the point of view that interested me. The only things of mine published in the Flying Saucer Review were a few reflections. Lire l’article

Do flying saucers originate from Mars?

Flying Saucer Review Vol.6, N°2, March-April 1960
The opposition of Mars in November, 1958, stands out in the history of astronomy as one of the most important discoveries of the human mind. Indeed, it was during this opposition that for the first time an official scientist was able to record during an experiment the existence of life on another planet. Lire l’article

Three genuine photographs

Flying Saucer Review – Vol. 7, n°1, January-February 1961
These photographs were taken in rapid succession: according to the man who took them, in the order of 1-2-3. The analysis of the original, however, does not allow us to know for certain that this was the authentic sequence or if it was the other way about, 3-2-1. Lire l’article

The Valensole Affair

Flying Saucer Review – Vol. 11, n°6, November 1965
You have learned the essential details of the Valensole affair from the excellent text of G.C. who investigated the case on behalf of G.E.P.A. There are one or two small details which need correcting, such as the distance being 90 metres instead of 80, and the fact that M. Masse approached the machine across a vineyard, and not a field of lavender, like this… Lire l’article

Préface à «Le nœud gordien ou la fantastique histoire des ovni»

Préface du livre de Thierry Pinvidic, Le nœud gordien ou la fantastique histoire des ovni, Éditions France-Empire (1979)
J’ai lu avec grand intérêt votre livre quoique, comme vous le savez, les ovnis aient cessé d’être au centre de mes réflexions depuis plusieurs années.
Toute votre partie historique est excellente, et pour les lecteurs français en général peu au fait de ce qui se passe aux USA, ce sera désormais une indispensable introduction. Lire l’article